Frequently asked questions

What is needle felting?

Felting is one of the oldest forms of textile art and it involves condensing woolen fibers together with a specific type of needle. The technique involves moving the felt fibers back and forth using the many sharp barbs on the needle, pulling the fibers and locking them into place.

What are the care instructions for my felted sculpture or portrait?

Felted sculptures are not toys. They are meant for display only. They should be in a safe area, away from children and your pets. A great idea is to put the sculptures in a clear display case. Felted portraits should be framed, under glass and having enough depth to the frame so that fibers do not touch the surface of the glass.

Will you send me updates on my custom order?

Yes! After your order has been placed, I will send a few messages and pics of your pet sculpture or pet portrait as I create it! To see these photos at any time, just click on the login button (last button on the menu bar) and then login to your account.

Can you change a pet sculpture or portrait?

That depends. Minor changes are possible, but if you change your mind and want a radical change from the original design, there will be an additional charge based on the work involved.

How do I access my Member Account?

You can access your personal Member Account by simply logging in this site! Just click on the login button (last button on the menu bar) and then login.

How do I send the photos of my pet to you?

To send me lphotos to me, just click on the Chat box (lower, right corner), or you can login to your account (last button on the menu bar) and send the photos that way.